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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About Our Concept


Celebrating Hazelwood's History

Built in 1792, the John Woods House is considered one of the oldest remaining structures in Pittsburgh. The vernacular style stone house is believed to be built by Colonel George Woods, the surveyor who laid out the Golden Triangle in 1784. His son, John Woods (1758-1816) completed the drafting before finishing his law degree. Recognized for its historical and architectural importance, the Woods House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.


A Resilient Neighborhood

With the tremendous work by community groups and local organizations, Hazelwood is experiencing a resurgence of its own making. While Second Avenue and the Hazelwood Green site are the epicenter of transformational change, redevelopment around the neighborhood is making it a more vibrant place to live and work.


A Traditional Pub With a Scottish Accent

Following in John Woods footsteps the first settlers of Hazelwood were of Scottish descent and settled what was known as Scotch Bottom. We want to honor that original tradition but also recognize the rich history and cultural diversity that exists in Hazelwood today. Woods House will be where people from all walks of life, local and from other parts of Pittsburgh come to hang out, eat and have fun. Good food that will sample eats and drinks found in traditional Scottish pubs as well as our local fare. Pittsburgh delicacies and food trucks will also be featured.

We are excited to bring good food, a vibrant atmosphere and a family friendly local restaurant to Hazelwood. Stay tuned for updates on our progress

The Woods House

4604 Monongahela Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15207, United States

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